2006 AACA Expo

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Note: Click on pics to enlarge them

Bill Neece cooks up a mess of catfish supplied by Cleatis Hook for show attendees.

Lounging around outside the show on a hot Kentucky day.

Adam Agusti (rt) and a friend talking rocks

Deb Meyers holds her new boyfriend "Uncle Tom", while Elaine Wailgum (rt) looks on.


Uncle Tom gets around!  Here, he is seen making the moves on Deb (Coorsgirl from artifacts live).




The Artifacts Live gang!  From left to right:-

Front: Kathy & Dave Waite, Deb Myers, Elaine Wailgum, Bill Neece & ....I don't know.

Back: Richard Reed (barely see him to left of dave's head), Malcolm McLaughlin, Cleatis Hook, Cliff Jackson & Alex Przygoda.


Some of Ted Gardiner's Anasazi perishable display.

Malcolm McLaughling and some of his displays of "show stopper" frames.  He was an award for his displays at the show!  WTG Malcolm!

That's all folks!  Hope you enjoyed!  I would like to thank

Cliff Jackson for supplying these pictures.


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